User Reviews

Over half a million dollars in the first week. Made a lot of EXTRA sales by using Zaxaa!

Wilco De Kreij
De Meern, Netherlands

You'll Really Like It If Your Business Depends On SPEED Of Implementation

Gus Sevilla
New York, USA

My Product Launch Via Zaxaa Generated A Healthy 6-Figure Income!

Ben Shaffer
Jerusalem, Israel

My Conversions Increased Because Of The Level Of Reporting Zaxaa Provides

I love Zaxaa. It's far better than what I used before.

I love the reporting, setup, coupon codes, everything. I've been able to increase my conversion rates on some major products because of the level of reporting Zaxaa provides.

So yeah, I'm a fan!

Jonathan Leger
Port Arthur, Texas, USA

Phenomenal & So Easy To Use!

Andrew Murray
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Customer Service Is Extremely Responsive!

One of the (many) reasons I love Zaxaa is that's it's built by people who understand marketers.

The platform has a wealth of features beyond being just a shopping cart, and it's incredibly easy to use. And for any minor issues I did have getting used to a new system, the support staff have been extremely responsive - both in their ability to solve problems and reply quickly. (Something which I REALLY appreciate)

Not only that but the owners are constantly improving the platform, and adding new features, based on what customers are asking for. It's easier to grow my business using Zaxaa because the new features help us make our sales funnels more profitable.

I'd recommend Zaxaa to anyone wanting an easy-to-use platform that's still incredibly powerful.

Richard Legg
London, United Kingdom

There Are NO COMPETITORS Out There!

17 Reasons Why I Chose Zaxaa Over The Others.

Because of the features that we needed in our business that the rest don′t have. They have already proven to work perfectly with multiple 6 figure launches and many marketers endorsing them. Plus, I know the CEO of Zaxaa personally and I′ve tested their platform to work just as well as all the others.

However, the only important points to mention should be:

  • Do normal commissions and instant commissions work? Yes.
  • Does the checkout process work flawlessly? Yes.
  • Do tracking, reports and Sub-IDs work flawlessly? Yes.

We tested it all and it all works perfectly! You′re in trusted/tested hands with Zaxaa. And getting your affiliate link is one really easy and straightforward step.

Here are some of the features only Zaxaa had that we need:

  • We wanted an InfusionSoft-like platform with all the features they have and as reliable... but easy to use, user friendly, with a clean looking dashboard and less pricey. Zaxaa is the answer to all this.
  • They DON′T keep your customer list -- the most important asset in your business!
  • Instant LIFETIME COMMISSIONS on all our products (you can choose not to enable this). Yeah, we in our business want to give you lifetime commissions as part of our giving value - business model. But there′s more...
  • The freedom to choose "Lifetime", "Individual Product" or "Group Of Products" cookies.
  • ONE CLICK UPSELLS. Massive Reason!
  • Integration with Stripe and multiple other payment processors to give us freedom to change if any situation requires it.
  • Zero fee per transaction on top of PayPal fees (Premium Automation)
  • Smart nested if-then funnels that can be set up in minutes. Really cool stuff.
  • Hosted Front Store. All our customers will be able to see ALL of our products thus increasing sales for us and commissions for affiliates on additional purchases.
  • Super easy to set it all up, non confusing and very clean looking - intuitive dashboard.
  • Powerful reports that are a MUST HAVE: Lifetime Customer Value (LCV), LCV based on a specific traffic source or affiliate, Retention Metrics, etc.
  • The ability to take their system and put it on OUR domain to brand our own business. Customize our own checkout pages and embed their payment forms for COMPLETE CONTROL. This is something we wanted badly and only Zaxaa has been able to fulfil the non complicated way.
  • Pre-Sale bumps... really powerful technology which gives us "Surprise Money", so definitely something we needed in our business to make us and affiliates more sales.
  • Great customer support.
  • And much much more which you can see by yourself on their site under the "Features" and "Compare" tabs.

*** I highly recommend Zaxaa. I use them because they work flawlessly, they are exactly what I required for my business needs and they continuously improve their product while keeping the same clean, user friendly and easy to use user interface I fell in love with in the first place.

For me it has NO COMPETITORS out there right now in the IM affiliate/payment platforms... the amount of features and the clean and user friendly user interface is amazing!

Demian Caceres
San Diego, California, USA

The Owners Of Zaxaa Have Really Listened And Taken Action On Some Of Our Feedback Over The years To Make The Platform Even Better

We like using Zaxaa for many reasons including a huge savings in transaction fees for our products (think we've saved $5,000-$10,000 already on fees alone vs other platforms) as well as ease of setup on sales funnels and the awesome reporting stats we can find in seconds.

The Lifetime Customer Value stats are really nice and so are the product funnel drill down stats. Also, those checkout page Pre-Sale Bump options are going to increase our profits! And being able to use payment gateways such as Stripe instead of just PayPal make it great for recurring billing.

We also appreciate that the owners of Zaxaa have really listened and taken action on some of our feedback over the years to make the platform even better.

Thanks Welly!

Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson
Memberspeed Inc
Nevada, USA

So Easy To Use!

I′ve used many platforms to sell my products and I am so happy I found Zaxaa! I recommend it to all of my fellow product creators. Not only does Zaxaa provide all of the innovative features you need in a product platform but it goes above and beyond ALL of the others! It is so easy to use and my customers like it too. I've had issues with other platforms in not getting buyers onto my list and I don′t have that issue anymore using Zaxaa - that is very important to me. I am so happy I found Zaxaa!

Debbie Drum
Long Beach, New York, USA

Customer Service Is One Of The Best!

I love Zaxaa,.. I really do, and that's not just a trite comment or something that I say casually. The reason I say that is because of what Zaxaa offers me in my online marketing business. We don't run a big business but we do make a substantial number of sales and occasionally run product launches or special promotions and need a payment processor that will handle the sales and the product delivery as well as automating the affiliate processing.

Without any proper handling of registering and paying affiliates in an automated manner you just won't get affiliates joining you as they're not interested in jumping through hoops and having hassles getting paid. Zaxaa handles that beautifully and keeps all records, traffic stats, URL referrers etc so you are totally in control. The upsell/downsell functions of Zaxaa are great and work every time. This translates to more sales and happier customers.

All the stats on performance that I ever need are available at the click of a button and the customer service support from the Zaxaa team is one of the best on the Internet that I've found in the 6 years that I have been online.

Bottom line is that I really trust Zaxaa and know that its owner Welly Mulia is a man of integrity who stands by his product and highly values his customers and members. The fees are the best part of Zaxaa as they are very conservative and way less than the closest competitor. After being with Zaxaa for the past 8 months I can say we are happy to stick with it and can see it becoming one of the leaders in this field within the next couple of years.

Russell Hall
Chiangmai, Thailand

Extremely Pleased With The Simplicity And Power

I recently decided to bring a few older evergreen products back to life. I liked a competitive platform a lot, but I could not use my authorize net merchant account, only Paypal. I love the fact that Zaxaa gives me the option to be able to set to use my merchant.

I have been extremely pleased with the simplicity and power of the Zaxaa platform and have made an addition 7 grand this month just trickling traffic to old offers I now have on Zaxaa. I have even hired an affiliate manager and we are going to develop this into a killer extra business.

Well Done!

Bill McRea
Escondido, California, USA

What Blew Me Away Was The Ease Of Setting Up Complex Sales Funnels!

Since I began using Zaxaa a few months ago, I've been impressed... both with the platform itself and also the high standard of the support. The interface itself is very logical and user-friendly, and although they have some good training videos, I'd imagine most users could get up and running without having to refer to them at all.

The video on Zaxaa's sales page demonstrates how quickly a product can be set up, but in my opinion that really under-sells the platform... the thing that blew me away was the ease of setting up complex sales funnels, and how easy it is to access all the advanced features - which isn't covered in the sales video. The interface has a 'simple view', as well as an 'advanced view', but everything's so logical, I've had no problem using the advanced view from the outset.

I had some initial concerns that such a fully featured platform, being so affordably priced, as well as very much the 'new boy on the block' - might be plagued with bugs, but I'm happy to report that I haven't encountered any.

In my experience, Zaxaa is the easiest to use fully featured (yet affordable) shopping cart / affiliate management solution available right now, and if they maintain the high standard of support and continue to evolve (and they seem to be very responsive to customer feedback), expect to see them out-grow some of their rivals over the next few years.

Forrest Smyth
Wellington, New Zealand

My First Offer Was Set Up In 7 Minutes & Resulted In Thousands Of Dollars!

I've used many other platforms for selling products and services, but none have been as easy to set up as Zaxaa. I registered for the service right before a webinar I was hosting. I was not going to use the platform because I figured it would be too time consuming to set up. I was wrong.

I had my first service offer set up within 7 minutes. I sold thousands of dollars worth of services using Zaxaa, and each sale was problem-free. Now I'm looking forward to using the affiliate module to offer my services through affiliates.

The system I'm switching from is costing me 5 times what I'm paying Zaxaa. Now I don't have to share my revenue with the eCommerce platform, which means more commissions for my affiliates. The ease of use, together with all the tools, and low cost makes Zaxaa the ideal platform to grow my business.

Edison Guzman
Chester, New York, USA

Setting Up Full-Fledged Sales Funnels With 1-Click Upsells Is Super Easy!

I first found out about Zaxaa when I made a video tutorial on how to integrate Zaxaa with another system. This is when I first saw its true potential.

Let me start by saying that one factor we all think about in deciding a shopping cart to go with is the fees. This is not something you think of when you're just getting started. But when you begin to grow your company and get thousands of customers, then you start to realize much fees are not going to benefit you.

I've spent tens of thousands in fees to use other platforms that just did not justify using them. So when I learned that all I need is to pay a flat monthly fee for Zaxaa Premium Automation and they'd waive my Zaxaa transaction fees, and that was it? I was floored.

Secondly, creating products has always been easy for me as a video product developer, but my weakness (setting up full-fledged sales funnels) has always been a pain. So that has been something that I have always outsourced, until now.

I've tested literally hundreds of different shopping carts since 2003, and I always found something in the sales funnel set up that irked me. But not with Zaxaa. Creating sales funnels was actually super easy to do and integration with so many payment processors allows me to diversify things.

Thirdly, another thing that is important to my business is being able to create smart nested OTOs, which helps me present OTOs only to certain buyers, instead just the plain old linear OTOs that everyone sees. This allows me to increase the lifetime customer value (LCV) over a period of time. Speaking of lifetime customer value, Zaxaa allows me to know the EXACT value for every single customer which is not something that I've ever really seen with most shopping carts. Not only that, Zaxaa also allows me to see the LCV for a specific traffic source or affiliate. Best of all it's all included in my membership at no extra cost.

Fourthly, I've used another shopping cart which shall remain unnamed. But this popular shopping cart costs me $3000/year to use, and I even paid several thousand dollars to be able to buy 3rd party scripts just to do one click upsells. Even as a former programmer, it was such a pain to use.

But with Zaxaa, I could setup one click upsells with Stripe or for... just being a premium Zaxaa member.

Last but not least, another important thing to me is that Zaxaa does not steal my customer list like some shopping carts and doesn't tarnish my reputation as a product seller. I don't have to worry about that here.

So as you can see, I could go on and on and on but I won't bore you to death. I get tons and tons and tons of options (including a free Zaxaa membership site script) that I would normally have to pay for just by being a premium member of Zaxaa. So In the end I am saving thousands and thousands of dollars just by being a premium member. I'm sure if more people knew this, they'd start moving over and this new kid on the block will soon overtake the other carts.

So if you're frustrated as I was with your shopping cart and you're spending tons of fees, and you're having to pay for extra features – I would advise you to give Zaxaa a risk-free try. They have a free Instant Automation account that you can try for free.

Stephen Luc
Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Simple To Use With Everything I Need

I signed up for a Zaxaa account right from the start, when they were launched in Beta. Right away I was impressed. Your platform is simple yet packs all the features I need to run my digital business smoothly. Now I'm using Zaxaa as my primary checkout platform. One huge advantage is the multiple payment options vendors can use to take payments.

I love the design and UX of the dashboard and checkout pages. Very fresh and minimalist feel. The support is very responsive. Right now, it's almost the perfect system for digital marketers, but I can only see Zaxaa becoming better and better in the future. The other huge bonus is you get it all with paying one of the lowest fees in the market. Very hard to beat.

Stuart Stirling
Nihommatsu-shi, Fukushima, Japan

Excellent Shopping Cart Platform & Support

Learning a new system is always challenging. And I went from my previous membership plugin and another portal to Zaxaa. I messed up a couple of times, and I had questions... and EVERY time I got fast and very helpful support. Every supporter I've been in contact with went out of their way to help me. This platform works! And problems are taken seriously and taken care of. This is a nice difference from the portal I used before. And then it's less expensive. I signed up for a full year so I don't have to worry about fees. I can just set up a new product and start selling. Excellent! Thank you, Zaxaa!

Britt Malka
Haifa, Israel

One Of The Sleekest, Smoothest Shopping Carts Ever!

I decided to use Zaxaa for my shopping cart on my new course, Touring for Startups. The checkout process has been seamless, integrating beautifully with Paypal Adaptive, and doing the proper splits between me and my business partners. All of the correct information has also been delivered to my customers after their purchase, creating an all around excellent experience. I highly recommend it and look forward to using them again as I release additional courses.

Arielle Loren
Miami Beach, FL, USA

Finally, A Shopping Cart Solution That Has Everything!

I've been looking around the net for a few years for a system that would let me set up membership sites with ease, have an affiliate program, with affiliate leaderboard for competitions, storage for instant delivery without using my bandwidth, and a shopping cart.

Well I finally stopped looking when I found Zaxaa.

It's easy to set up and get started straight away without a lot of technical knowledge. With the Wordpress plugin for membership sites (provided free by Zaxaa), it's a breeze to set up memberships, which I have found difficult in the past with other programs. I've tried lots of other programs that are ten times the price of this and Zaxaa definitely beats them in all departments. If you can afford it definitely go for the Premium Automation Yearly option when buying, it's a steal.

I love Zaxaa and am planning to move all my products here.

Steven Aitchison
Motherwell, Scotland, UK

The Best Shopping Cart Platform

Zaxaa is the best platform I have used. Preferably the micro features that other platforms seem to have missed, is what drove Zaxaa to potentially become market leader in future! What I liked best is the ability to implement flexible discount coupon. Want to offer something like "Get your launch special price of 50% OFF, only 25 more spots left!"? You got it! Zaxaa has a feature that can create discount coupon based on usage options. You can even create time-sensitive coupons too (e.g. use this coupons to get your 50% OFF, only 72 hours left!).

These are not-easy-to-develop little micro-features that are part of advanced marketing strategies which could drive higher % of profits. What's best, you can easily implement membership sites that will open up range of possibilities for your product! You are on your way to potentially increase your sales up to 400%! Great work!

Samuel Edyson
Batam, Kepri, Indonesia

Five Star Best Recommendation

As a previous purchaser and very satisfied user of both Profits Theme and Premium List Magnet, I alread knew I could rely on the excellence of Welly's previous products. I thought I would give Zaxaa a test run to see just how easy it would be to set up one of my information products.

It took me about 15 minutes to install the very first, and since then I have put over 20 different courses and training manuals on the platform. My set-up time is now just a few minutes. You can see them in the frontstore I'm no technical genius, but as promised, the setting up of Zaxaa sales process and OTOs is easy and elegant.

I particularly like the interface between Zaxaa hosted Thank You pages and Amazon S3. My downloads are secure and protected from pirates and thieves. An added bonus is the new free Zaxaa WP membership plug-in. I could rave about every aspect of Zaxaa including the links to aWeber.

So thanks Welly and the team. My absolute Five Star Best Recommendation for Zaxaa!

Gavin McCoy
Winner the Argos Consumer Journalism Award
Oxford, UK and Atlanta, USA

Great Customer Service And Loving the Functionality

I haven't sold a product yet as I'm in pre-lauch (which Zaxaa handily caters for as I can set the exact time for my launch to go live automatically in seconds). My product file download was huge and I had a few issues so contacted Zaxaa support. The response had the personal touch, was simple and straight to the point but importantly timely. All responses were in a matter of hours.

Zaxaa is so intuitive and compared to other platform I've used. The functionality and options to put your product together are the best I've seen on one single platform. Having a WordPress membership plugin which they give you and integrates with Zaxaa which allows you to drip feed content is extremely useful.

Overall I'm loving my Zaxaa experience so far.

Neil Farley
Chiang Mai, Thailand

No Better Shopping Cart

For the past 20 yrs I have been helping businesses grow by using proven Success Principles and equipping them with the Tools they need to succeed through the mass media of Video, TV, Internet, Keynote Speeches & Seminars - encouraging them to act on these principles, applying them in their everyday life.

But until now with Zaxaa I have not found a good shopping cart platform to add my ebooks and marketing tools that can help my clients and potential clients the opportunity to purchase these tools to further their education and also to share them with others.

I'm so glad I found Zaxaa. Thank You!

Paul DeBellis
Huntersville, North Carolina, USA

It's About Time Zaxaa Can Be Brought Up As A Viable JV Platform

I like Zaxaa personally and I think its about time Zaxaa can be brought up as a viable JV platform. You can use both Stripe and Paypal on the same product. They also have other payment options. I have found them to be easy to use as well for building funnels and seeing graph analytics.

Karl Schuckert
Zephyr Cove, Nevada, USA

Under 20 Minutes To Set Up A Product Launch!

The Zaxaa platform is drop-dead simple for non-tech savvy people. It took me literally under 20 minutes to set up a very professional looking product launch complete with an affiliate program. I'm looking forward to increases in both sales AND engagement. Not only that, but it's just plain fun to use! This one is a no-brainer for anyone doing internet marketing.

Daryl Macintyre
Nova Scotia, Canada