10 Must-Have Criteria When Choosing
Your Order System / Shopping Cart For Maximum Profits

Choosing the right order system / shopping cart that fits your business needs is extremely crucial since it's the connection of everything else you do and the money being deposited into your bank account.

A sub-par order system / shopping cart that doesn’t fit your business needs can sabotage all the hard work you’ve done... like getting traffic to your sites, converting them to leads and customers, crafting email marketing messages, creating products, recruiting affiliates, partnering with other people to create your product, etc.

These Are The 10 Must-Have Criteria

1. Easy-to-use and allows you to set-up full Sales Funnels in Minutes

Money is attracted to speed. The faster you can set up systems, the faster you can start selling your offers and take payments.

Who has the time to learn how to use a complicated, hard, and confusing system? You’ll spend more time trying to learn how to use it than to actually create the product itself.

To maximize profits, you want to immediately present upsells / downsells / one time offers after a customer has purchased your front end offer. This way customers have multiple opportunities to buy from you. And you don’t want to be waiting for ‘support’ to approve every step in your funnel like on some solutions.

The quicker you can set up sales funnels, the more money you make.

2. Affordable

Money saved from expensive fees can be wisely used for other areas of your business, e.g. marketing and human resources budget.

Suppose a certain shopping cart X charges 5% per transaction.

When you sell $5,000 worth of offers in a month -> you pay $250/month
When you sell $10,000 -> you pay $500/month
When you sell $20,000 -> you pay $1000/month

Another shopping cart Y charges a fixed fee of $77/month for unlimited transactions.

When you sell $5,000 worth of offers in a month -> you only pay $77/month (save $173 or 69% compared to above)
When you sell $10,000 -> you only pay $77/month (save $423 or 85% compared to above)
When you sell $20,000 -> you only pay $77/month (save $923 or 92% compared to above)

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you can ‘move’ shopping carts once you’re generating more sales. It can be difficult and scary to move a high performing funnel onto a new solution. That’s why you want to set-up right initially if at all possible.

Bottom line: the more sales you make, the more money you save!

3. Does NOT steal your customers

Your most valuable asset is your customer list… and the system you use could be robbing you blind.

Check the companies you’re currently using and make sure they’re not using all the hard work you invested in building a loyal customer list to promote other vendors’ products. In fact, a few popular services actually send out promotions almost every day to your list. And they don’t tell you about it. Sure, they mention it deep in their terms, but they hide it and make it as difficult as possible to find.

It gets even worse. Some customers use unique email addresses when they purchase. When they see emails coming to that address, they believe you’re the one endorsing the offer or you gave their email address away to others. Once you’ve ‘shared’ your list with them, you’re stuck. You can’t stop them even from promoting worthless products you would never endorse.

End result: you ruin your reputation, and customers will never purchase from you again (no repeat buyers), and some of them will even bad-mouth you.

4. Allows you to create fully integrated membership areas / sites at no additional charge

Not only will you want to have digitally delivered products, but you will want a membership site as part of your overall business in the future. It’s one of the best ways to create ongoing passive income from your customers.

Some order systems / shopping carts charge you extra for membership area capabilities, and some don’t even provide you with this and force you to pay for external 3rd-party membership solutions which may not integrate well with your order system.

5. Affiliate tracking and Instant Commission payments to affiliates

Affiliates can expand your reach by promoting your products for you. Make sure your order system provides you with full affiliate capabilities including tracking, ways to contact your affiliates, 2 tier commissions, separate JV commission settings for unique affiliates, affiliate fraud prevention, and even handle JV contests.

One of the best ways to motivate affiliates is with instant cash in-their-hand today. If you pay out instant commissions to affiliates at the point-of-sale, more affiliates are going to promote your offers. Faster cash in their hands means they’ll be much more eager to promote. Does your solution allow instant payment to affiliates?

6. Detailed stats and reporting to know how your business is doing and spot profit leaks

Do you know your average Lifetime Customer Value? What about the retention rate of your recurring offer? Or which traffic source or specific campaign referred you the most customers? Or what is your EPC (earnings per click/visitor), conversion rate, and refund rate for your product?

To improve, you must know exactly your current position first. Only then can you spot where the profit leaks are in your business, and find ways to fix them… and constantly increase your profits.

7. Not Limited to just 1 payment processor to protect your Money

There are horror stories of payment systems being limited or shut down, especially during large promotions. The processor gets scared by the huge volume of sales coming through and limits your account. This is the last thing you want to happen when high volume is coming through.

Make sure your order system / shopping cart works out of the box with multiple different payment processors. If, for some reason, your payment account in company X is limited or freezed, you can simply switch over to another payment processor instantly without losing sales.

You’re no longer at the mercy of any one single payment processor company.

8. Plug-and-play with no installation whatsoever

Installing the shopping cart software on your own server, and then configuring and optimizing everything (software, server, databases) to make sure there are no errors, the pages load fast, and that the server is able to sustain the amount of traffic you send… is a NIGHTMARE.

Not to mention you need to periodically check if the server is running in optimal condition, installing software updates, etc.

Even if you have the technical competence, you’ll still be better by using a proven, tested system that has all of that configured and set up for you automatically… that can handle all your traffic.

No more frustrations, no more headaches, no more hassles.

Focus your time and efforts on getting more customers instead!

9. Focused on providing the best tools for digital products

Since you’re a digital product publisher… using an order system / shopping cart focused on digital products allows you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that new features and enhancements will be always be made based on what digital product publishers need and want, instead of wasting time applying updates and patches for those selling physical products but not useful for you.

Use a system specialized on the needs and wants of digital product publishers like you.

10. The ability to send Hyper-Relevant emails to customers and subscribers based on how they respond to your previous offers and emails

Doing this allows you to have deeper engagement, satisfaction, and personal connection with your existing customers and subscribers... which ultimately means more profits for you and higher lifetime customer value (more repeat purchases).

This also means your email system is fully integrated into your order system… reducing confusion and allowing personalized emails based on the products and services each customer has ordered. Email marketers estimate that 30% of all email revenue comes from targeting specific segments (The DMA National Client Email Report).

There are dozens of possible Order Systems / Shopping Carts you can choose, but you need to choose one that has been specifically designed for digital product businesses like yours. I dare you to compare Zaxaa to any other available option.

Plus you can try out Zaxaa totally risk free...

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