Zaxaa No Spam Policy

Spammers are definitely not welcome here. If you’re not sure what spam means, click here.

If you spam, or are trying to spam, with your Zaxaa account:

  • Your account will be terminated without negotiation.
  • Fees that you have paid us will not be refunded.
  • We might charge you money if your spamming causes any interruptions in our ability to service other customers.

Here are some things that you must NOT do with Zaxaa:

  • Send email to people who have not specifically requested information from you.
  • Importing/adding emails that are purchased, rented, or leased from a third party to your Zaxaa account. This includes co-registration.
  • Send unsolicited email via a third party in order to get people to subscribe to your Zaxaa-managed list, or to visit a website that you market using Zaxaa in any way.
  • Leave irrelevant links in discussion forums, groups, classified sites (e.g. Craiglist).
  • Subscribing contacts/subscribers on their behalf, manually or using a script. This includes subscribing via webforms, emails, or any other method.
  • Send content about: adult/pornography, dating services, religion, race, hate, violence, betting, casino-related activities, lotteries, credit repair services, debt settlement services, multi level marketing/network marketing, pyramid schemes, money game, warez, alcoholic beverages, drug paraphernalia, steroids, narcotics, controlled substances or any kind of content that present a risk to consumer safety.

The list above is non-exhaustive – meaning they aren’t the only thing things we consider as spam. If you’re not sure if we consider something to be spam or not, please contact us.

If you think a Zaxaa user is spamming you, please contact us.