Zaxaa Pdt Guide (Advanced Users Only)

Note: This service is intended for use by experienced programmers. Users without extensive programming skills should refrain from implementing the Zaxaa PDT without first enlisting the services of an experienced programmer.


Zaxaa PDT (Payment Data Transfer) provides sellers with the ability to display transaction details to buyers who are redirected back to their site upon payment completion.

Zaxaa can send PDT for these type of transactions:

  • One-time payments
  • Subscriptions (initial payment only)

How To Enable Zaxaa PDT

Let's assume that you already created some products and setup the sales funnel in your Zaxaa account, and want to integrate the PDT with your custom thank you page script.

Here's how you can enable the ZPN feature:

  • Login to your Zaxaa account, make sure you're in "advanced" view (look for the floating bar on the right). If it says "simple", you need to click on it and switch to "advanced" view.
  • Go to "Products" >> edit one of your "Front-End" product that you want to integrate with the script
  • In "General Settings" tab, scroll down to find the "Third Party Script Integration" option, and set it to "Yes"
  • You should see the PDT option, simply set it to "Yes"
  • Save your changes

Another important data that will be needed is your unique API Signature. Your script must use your own API signature to verify the validity of the PDT.

How to obtain your API Signature:

  • Login to your Zaxaa account
  • Navigate to "Settings -> Account Settings"
  • Click on the "Show API Signature" button

How It Works

Once you have activated PDT, every time a buyer makes a payment and is redirected to your custom thank you page URL, a transaction token will be passed along as a "GET" variable to this return URL. In order to properly use PDT and display transaction details to your customer, you should fetch the transaction token, variable name "tx", and retreive transaction details from Zaxaa by constructing an HTTP POST to Zaxaa.

Here's a quick illustration of how this works:

  • Zaxaa redirects a new customer to your thank you page URL along with the transaction token as a "GET" variable named "tx"
  • You send a HTTP POST request to Zaxaa with the transaction token and your API signature as the post data (e.g. tx=123456abcd&sid=ABCD12345EFGH123) to validate and retrieve the PDT variables.
  • If successfull (http code:200), Zaxaa sends the PDT variables to your thank you page script.
  • You can use the PDT variables to build a custom receipt page, or to validate the payment and give immediate access to your new customer.

Important: The Zaxaa PDT by default is ONLY valid for the first 30 minutes after a successful payment. If you want to change or remove this "expiration" time, you can pass the post data -- "expired" -- e.g tx=123456abcd&sid=ABCD12345EFGH123&expired=60 (for 60 mins) or tx=123456abcd&sid=ABCD12345EFGH123&expired=unlimited (for no expiration time)

Please see the "Code Samples" section below for more details on how to use Zaxaa PDT.

Code Samples

More Information

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